Cone Shape Himalayan Pink Rock Salt Lamp with Pine Wood Base Smooth Finish
July 22, 2015
Hand Carved Camel Shape Wood Stand Included Salt Candle Holder C&C500
November 5, 2015

Cooking Salt Slab with Wooden Tray Himalayan Salt

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Himalayan Rock Salt Crystal Cooking Slab with Beautiful Handmade Wooden Tray.

Price Included Cooking Slab and Wooden Tray.

The Name You Can Trust – Himalayan Pink Salt Products.

Unbeatable Crystal Salt Quality and Product Shape Quality.

Highest & Finest AAA Grade Himalayan Salt Quality. Hand Pick Himalayan Crystal Salt Chunks & Hand Carved Lamps and Handcrafted Candle Holder.

We are Expert & Specialize in Himalayan Crystal Salt Products Since 1998

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Himalayan Pink Salt Cooking Slab with Wooden Tray

Approx weight: 1-2kg

Approx Height: 1-3cm

Approx Width: 17cm

RRP: £29.00

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