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Salt Lamp Fire Bowl Basket From £9.00 Himalayan Reliable authentic and trusted supplier of Himalayan crystal rock salt lamp products in UK. 260 million years of Himalayan history transformed into a unique work of art for your health and wellbeing.

Salt Lamp Fire Bowl Basket Himalayan Pink Rock Salt Crystal Light

Rock Salt Lamp From £6.49 Largest product collection huge stock Himalayan crystal rock salt lamps, pink salt candle holders, natural edible salt granules, bath salts, salt deodorants, block, tiles, white salt lamp, grey salt lamp, fittings. Highest & finest AAA grade crystal salt quality hand picked Himalayan crystal salt chunks and hand carved lamps and handcrafted candle holders.

Rock Salt Lamp Himalayan Pink Salt Crystal Att/Wood Base

We won’t be beaten on Rock salt crystal quality, product quality, design quality, wood base quality and packing quality.

Rock Salt Lamp Globe Himalayan Pink Salts


Saltlamps-R-Us the name you can trust, for Himalayan pink salt crystal products. Exclusive design specialists in all Himalayan Rock Crystal Salt Products.

Himalayan Rock Salt T Light Holder Pink Crystal Holder Hand Carved


Salt Lamp Pyramid, Planet, Cube, Globe, Rough USB Largest collection of Himalayan crystal rock saltlamps pink, white salt lamps, grey salt lamps and home decorative products & accessories in uk.

Salt Lamp USB Globe & Pyramid White Led Light


Crystals, minerals and gems are unique wonders of nature, many are millions of years old. Rock salt lamps, amethyst lamp, rose quartz lamp pink, quartz cluster lamp, pink agate lamp, selenite lamp, purple agate lamp, snow quartz lamp and crystal lamps.

Metal Fire Bowl Salt Lamp Basket Iron Bowl Light Himalayan

Salt Lamp Himalayan From £6.49 Wholesale UK No 1 Reliable & Trusted Supplier Largest Collection of Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps. Pink, White, Orange, Grey Rock Salt Lamp and Crystal Salt Home Decorative Products & Accessories in UK. Widest Product Range and Huge Stock Metal Salt Lamp Basket, Iron Fire Bowl Basket Hand Crafted & Shaped Lamps Ball, Cube, Mountain, Cone, Mushroom, Planet, Pyramid, Globe, Tear Drop, USB Angel, Cylinder, USB Elephant, Fire Bowl Salt Lamp Basket and Natural Rough Hand Carved Salt Lamps & Salt Candle Holders and Edible Salt Granules. Huge Stock Himalayan Rock Salt Light and Amethyst Lamp, Rose Quartz Lamp, Agate Pink, Purple Lamp, Quartz Cluster Lamp, Pink & White Selenite Lamp, Calcite Lamp, Snow Quartz Lamp Unique Designs and New Ideas for Your Health and Wellbeing. Halite Salt Crystal from the Himalayan Foothills, Shaped to the Himalayan Peaks. 100% Genuine Real Original Pure and Natural Crystal Salt Products.

Rock Salt Lamp Himalayan and Decorative Pink Salt Crystal Products Importer and Wholesale Supplier Since 1998 in UK. SPECIAL OFFERS Salt Lamps Experts and Specialists for Himalayan Pink Salt Crystal Products. Unbeatable Product Shape, Design and Quality.

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